About Us


The Techwelf, Lda is a company created by a number of highly skilled professionals, with the aim of applying the knowledge and experience adquired in various national and European R & D projects to companies and institutions. Through process and product innovation, our mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life and create a more efficient and sustainable world.


TECHWELF's Quality policy is based on the principle of commitment to customer satisfaction, always keeping in mind the importance of the quality of its products and services in its processes.

Our commitments:

  • Satisfaction of the Client's conditions, the principles of Techwelf, the legal, regulatory requirements and others applicable to our activity.
  • Maintain a relationship between Techwelf and the business partners based on trust, so as to make the investment profitable.
  • Seek to meet the interests and expectations of all business partners.
  • Establish and periodically review objectives and targets, taking into account the new challenges posed and continuous improvement.
  • Competitive prices and quality.
  • Promote the motivation and participation of all employees of the company, encouraging initiative, teamwork, professional training and high technical competence.
  • Establish a communication strategy, both internal and external, for the effective transmission of values and organizational culture in which the company is committed.

Our Team

The Techwelf brings together a team of highly skilled professionals, mostly with higher education degrees including several PhDs professionals. Team that has collaborated on several national and European R&D projects, but also in the development of products and services for businesses and national public and private organizations, almost always working in high technology solutions and using the latest existing technology.

team member img

Paulo Matos

Founding partner of Techwelf, specialist in Programming Technologies

team member img

José Peixoto

Specialist in management and business logistics.

team member img

Ted Cordeiro

Specialist in sensor networks and electronic.

team member img

Paula Plasencia

Founding partner of Techwelf, specialist in analytical chemistry.

team member img

José Lima

Integrates the Techwelf team since its inception - specialist in electronic engineering.

team member img

João Ribeiro

Integrates the Techwelf team since its inception - specialist in mechanical engineering.

team member img

Pedro Oliveira

Specialist environments and intelligent solutions.

team member img

Ângelo Martins

Specialist in development for mobile platforms.

team member img

Cátia Teixeira

Specialist in arts and product design.

team member img

Diogo Quintas

Technical Specialist in Installation and Maintenance of Networks and Systems.

team member img

Elena Verjara Felgueras

Specialist in Telematics Engineering.

team member img

Sandra Ngokwey

Specialist in international business management.

team member img

Rui Alves

Software Tester and Analyst.

team member img

Duarte Pousa

Specialist in Systems Administration and Software Security.

team member img

Pascoal Matiue

Specialist in International Business Management.