OK1stPart Platform

Developed in partnership with the Faurecia group, the OK1stPart platform is a quality control tool, used to check the first part produced after a relevant change in the production process.

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Complete and Flexible Solution

Forms Management

  • Simple and intuitive elaboration of verification forms (by reference, version, inspection reason,…).
  • Several types of questions (ON/NOK, fixed value, value within limits,…).
  • Comprehensive management of the entire process: from forms creation, through approval to the synthesis and analysis of responses.

Registration and control of responses

  • Forms automatically available for use after approval.
  • Registration and control of all responses produced.
  • Alerts for different situations (missing of response, parameters outside the limits, pending forms, ...).


  • Generation of multiple reports (pareto diagram, latest results, capabilities).
  • Exporting data in different formats, including Excel.

Custom Dashboard

  • Customized dashboard with real-time data update.
  • Full view of the status of processes.
  • Viewing system monitoring alerts.

Other Features

  • Automatic backups.
  • Multiple users and profiles.
  • Integration with LDAP.
  • Responsive (desktop, laptop, tablet).
  • Multilingual (Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and German).
  • Easy integration of measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers, nons, ...).

Tailored solutions

  • Commercialization in the form of service or licensing.
  • Value defined according to specific needs.
  • Simplicity of upgrade.
  • Implementation of specific functions for each case.