eLeveling System

Developed in partnership with the Faurecia group, the eLeveling System manages the load preparation logistics, including the production leveling - for push-pull supply chains. View More

Complete and flexible solution

eLeveling Board

Real-time monitoring of supply logistic operations, load preparation (LP) and stocks;Automatic printing of kanban cards;Past and future view of kanban cards;Sending alert notifications;Ready to use with touch screen;

Administration portal

Web portal for integrated management;Assisted upload of the production plan and orders;Leveling of kanban cards by effective working time; Uniform load preparation times;Distribution of workload by operators;

App Line

Software application for production lines;Allows to respond to crash notifications and reschedule operations;Non-intrusive, auto-synchronized, with automatic alert management.

Mutiple views

Real-time views of load preparations, stocks and eLeveling boards;Configurable by the client in number, organization and distribution;

App iOS

Monitoring and response to alerts;Auto synchronization between App iOS and other applications.

Background service

Automatic alert processing;Automatic alert processing;Automatic data backup.